Cars, Crustaceans, Cocktails & Countertops

Cars, Crustaceans, Cocktails & Countertops Autumn falls across New England like a bright patchwork quilt, the cooler weather painting the landscape in broad strokes of scarlet, gold, and shocking orange. October air turns crisp with fewer boats in the harbor while the summer-blue sky deepens into cobalt. Locals break out their wool sweaters and hang […]


Don’t let April showers get you down, as there are many events throughout town you don’t want to miss! New life is blooming from flowers, outdoor dining, and social gatherings. Landscape home projects are coming alive. Spring and summer events are filling the calendar once again. Check out our picks for what April has in […]


If you were one of many who waited with baited breath while Punxsutawney Phil predicted another six weeks of winter, you may want to ditch this American tradition of camping around a hole in the February cold awaiting a clueless groundhog to predict the weather! From a ‘dusting’ to a blizzard and crazy wind & […]